Our Mission

Our mission in Palm Beach County (Florida) is to assist the Haitian immigrant population with transition from living in their native country to living in the United States. This goal addresses a multitude of issues including: education, health care, language and cultural barriers, access to social resources, counseling and guidance, and meeting basic daily needs such as food requirements.

Our mission in Haiti is to build sustainable programs to support those who suffer from a lack of adequate nutrition, clean water, health care, education, employment & social programs.

Our philosophy is to work in solidarity with the people of Haiti. We believe in teaching the Haitian people how to fish rather than giving them fish; we are committed to helping them to help themselves. While developing sustainable projects in Haiti, we emphasize education for all people, knowing that education changes lives. Our projects focus on providing the people with opportunities for work, education, personal advancement, adequate housing, health care, clean water and sufficient food. We are a voice for the poor and insist that everyone is treated with dignity and respect in every circumstance. Our mantra is to do the will of God, with love in our hearts for everyone, everywhere!